Business Law

The key to business law is having successfully initiated, developed, and sustained a company in the community in which you practice.  Ryan Keith has done just that.  He has been in the Tulsa business community for years, and brings that valuable experience to his legal clients.  Most business lawyers have never been a part of any industry other than law, and that just doesn't serve your best interests.  You need a local attorney who knows the area and understands your clientele.  You need Keith & Associates.

Did you know starting a business with the help of Keith & Associates Legal, PLLC can cost much less than you expected?  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on different companies for support, you can spend much much less than that here and make sure your business is sound legally, financially, and operationally.  Keith & Associates Legal, PLLC will help you from the ground up form a successful, fully compliant, low liability business, and stand behind you as you develop and change.  If you are already running a business, we can help you with anything that comes up, like contract formations or disputes.  

We are here to help you understand and maintain your tax and asset liabilities, establish corporate minutes, human resources contracts, and even set up stock ownership.  We serve every aspect of your business from collections, purchases, sales, and lease agreements, right down to tricky or difficult individual business transactions.  And we do it all for much less than you could imagine.  In fact, hiring Keith & Associates Legal, PLLC can save you a lot of money in the first few years of your business by proactively avoiding common business and financial pitfalls.

Further, if you are a client of or supplier for a business and feel you have been treated unfairly or were harmed in any way, we can help.  The bottom line is, Keith & Associates Legal is the key to all your business law needs.

Call us or
email for a free consultation about any of your business legal issues.  918.574-8555.

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