Other Resources

We believe the key to law is being well-educated in all aspects of your case.  At Keith & Associates Legal, we want to give you the opportunity to learn all you can about your legal needs.  Here are several free legal sites that we thought might interest you.  If you'd like more types of information, just email us and let us know what you are looking for!

US Citizenship and Immigration Services 

US Department of Homeland Security Immigration
Case Status Service Online / Processing Dates

United States Patent and Trademark Office
Trademark vs. Copyright vs. Patent
Protect Your Invention from Scam Artists

Business Law
US Small Business Office
Small Business Legal Resources
ABA Small Business Law Site

Criminal Law

Cornell University Legal Information Institute
Guide to Criminal & Penal Law
Arrests & Interrogations FAQ (+ Search & Siezure info)

Oklahoma Law
Oklahoma Bar Association
Tulsa County Bar Association
Oklahoma Supreme Court Network
Oklahoma Secretary of State

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